Olive Motors

Our flexible motor design meets the needs for many shading or window control applications. These motors offered in various sizes and technology options can be used on projects of all shapes and sizes. Olive motors are more economical at the project level as the architect can specify the motor technology required for their specific project and receive competitive proposals from multiple shade dealers. Our standard tubular motor and adapter designs allow you to easily motorize and fabricate virtually any type of window covering. Motors are available in a wide range of drive and crown sizes to support different tube diameters and window sizes.

WSER40 Ø35

Electronic Limit Switch + Build-in Receiver Motor

Electronic Limit Switch + Build-in Receiver Wireless set up the limits by outer emitter with high precision Can connect with outer manual switch

WSEC40 Ø35

Push button Type Electronic limit switch Parallel Connected Motor

Electronic Limit Switch Several tubular motors can be parallel connected together and be group controlled with high safety and reliability Simplify the installation for a project

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